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Dr Chris Jefferson

Dr Chris Jefferson

Director of Postgraduate Research

Reader - School of Computer Science

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Office: JC0.24

Phone: +44 (0)1334 463272

Dr. Jefferson is a researcher at the School of Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews. His main research interests are:

Constraint Programming
Constraint Programming is the research topic that takes the majority of my time. He is one of the primary developers of the Minion constraint solver, and has published papers on a variety of areas relating to both solving, and using constraint solvers. If you have any issues with Minion, or just have any general questions about constraint programming, feel free to ask him.
Computational Group Theory
One of his current major applications of constraint programming is computational group theory. This is a new research area for him and he is interested in any search problems in mathematics. He will shortly be releasing a new constraint solver specialised for group theory problems.
Automated Game Generation
Another application of constraint programming he is interested in is automated game generation.
Software Engineering
While he has done relatively little research in software engineering, he does a lot of programming. He is on the C++ standards committee, and has written various pieces of software, including an iPhone game. He is continuing to do research into combining computer games and CP.

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